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Nazareth Prep is an affordable and innovative independent Catholic high school focused on college and career readiness. Through our rigorous, yet personalized, college preparatory program and unique real-world work study program, students pursue the pathways to build future-ready skills.

Our approach to teaching and learning at Nazareth Prep is broader than the traditional “lecture and take notes” model at many other high schools. Students here are actively engaged with hands-on, project-based learning in all of their classes. While still learning the fundamental skills of reading, writing, and math, our students are challenged to think outside of the box, and look at a problem from many different angles. We encourage nimbleness, innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration. Skills necessary for the future of work.

Nazareth Prep is supported by an exceptional administration, faculty, and staff made up of teachers with a unique industry background, educational research experience, as well as new energetic teachers. We are focused on putting evidence-based practice and research into reality so we can meet the needs of students where they are. And we partner with families to provide resources and support personalized learning for each student to set them up for success