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Building the whole child is equally important as learning about content, and we do this through Learning Hub, our advisory program which focuses on building character, career skills, and creating a student’s personalized learning plan.The Learning Hub takes into consideration the strengths, interests, and growth opportunities unique to each student.

Every student meets with their personal team of coaches three times a week, learning how to enhance their strengths and build on skills important for success like perseverance, collaboration, and leadership. Students have the opportunity to be recognized for positive social and emotional leadership, through a weekly incentive program.

In addition to focusing on emotional health and growth, students also learn practical study skills, participate in team building activities, and explore different career pathways. All ninth graders take Freshman Leadership Seminar, a weekly class focused on building leadership, technology, and design thinking skills.This program helps students transition into our unique culture and student-centered environment. During Learning Hub, students build their e-portfolio, a student-designed and managed showcase of their work both within and outside of the classroom.

Additionally, all students develop safety plans and learn about peer mediation to resolve conflicts. We also offer family counseling and other services that families may wish to take advantage of, through Holy Family Institute.