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College & Career Counseling

The College and Career Counseling office works with each student and their family to feel empowered to make informed choices that will honor and serve students’ interests and talents. The process is an extension of our career exploration program, which allows each student to explore his/her intellectual and creative strengths, passions and commitments, and unique identity. As a reflective and independent thinker and decision maker, each student finds the right post-secondary option. Nazareth College and Career Prep students do not fit into any one mold, and this individuality is reflected in college and career choices.

Some of the functions of our College and Career Counseling office are: educating students and parents about colleges and our career clusters, leading college visits (16 in 2016-17), the college admissions process, trends, procedures, and testing; advising and supporting students and families as they go through the process; and helping students and families aspire realistically and choose wisely.

The Director of College & Career Counseling meets with juniors and seniors, individually and in groups, to talk about the process and individual college choices and other post-secondary options. The Director of College and Career Counseling also advises 9th and 10th graders on curricular choices. All students are asked to predict their post-secondary pathway and career-cluster interest at the end of 10th grade. 

Nazareth College and Career Prep gladly welcomes admission representatives to campus each fall and spring.  We greatly appreciate the time you take to visit our campus and meet with our students.