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Through our innovative curriculum and the partnerships, we strive to grow the following mindsets in our students:

Problem Solver

  • Students will learn to become critical thinkers, writers, and speakers. They will build a confident voice and be engaged listeners. 
  • Using human-centered design and building empathy for others,  students will identify and solve problems for themselves, others, and act as community change agents.

Servant Leader

  • As leaders that put others before themselves, Nazareth Prep students will be socially responsible, have civility, and fight for justice. They will be cross-culturally competent and embrace diversity. 
  • Faith and service will be key elements to enacting servant leadership in our students. 


  • Self-direction, inquiry, and exploration lead to passion-driven expression. Students develop new ideas to improve their lives, serve the needs of others, and explore the ethics behind new technologies.
  • Computational thinking, engineering, and writing combine as students explore the financial and human needs behind entrepreneurship. 

Resilient Learner

  • Success along any pathway requires optimism, gratitude, and persistence. Nazareth Prep students build resilience through project-based learning, pushing through set-backs and with the
    support of a caring and empathetic community. 

These future-ready mindsets will prepare students for careers within and beyond the Pittsburgh region in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, with a firm liberal arts background.