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Our Curriculum

Nazareth Prep students are compassionate, creative and critical thinkers and doers. Our curriculum is rooted in our mission. We prepare young adults to powerfully contribute in the workplace, to live lives of faith, meaning and service and to fully participate in civic life. Our curriculum equips students to excel in college or in a high-demand career pathway in our local region immediately after graduation.

Each academic year, all students take core courses in the disciplines of science, math, engineering, cultural literacy and religious studies. Junior and senior students may also take Advanced Placement courses in the core disciplines of math, science and English. All core courses help students develop competence and skill in core subject matter and to apply that knowledge to complex real-world, professional problems.

In addition to core courses, each grade-level has a rich program of electives. Nazareth Prep students take electives in the arts, physical education, global studies and college and career planning. Students also take electives specifically designed to build essential professional skills including project management and negotiation. 

In classrooms, Nazareth Prep teachers support students in strengthening their intellectual and ethical courage, commitment and joy in learning. Students accept challenges and learn to grow beyond what is comfortable and familiar, to embrace what is possible. In their tenacity and resilience in living our learning mission, through all circumstances, Nazareth Prep students and teachers echo a favorite student refrain from Nazareth Prep worship: “God is good...all the time.”