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Bringing Summer Learning Back to the Classroom

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Marlee Flaherty is not only a teacher and advisor for Nazareth Prep student council but she was selected to participate in 2 Classroom Without Border experiences – a trip to Poland with a Holocaust Survivor and a trip to Spain to study Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. She truly enjoyed sharing her Poland experience with the 9th graders as they tackled social justice issues in their 3rd trimester Project Based Learning, last year.  

This past summer her educational seminar in Spain examined Spain's long history as a major player both on the European and global stages and its role as a "living laboratory" in the "conversation" between two great monotheistic faiths – Christianity and Islam – with a third – Judaism a major participant. She is hoping that by helping her students understand these religions, she can promote understandings in our increasingly diverse world. It will also aid in comprehending literature, history, art, and our political landscape.

Marlee Flaherty truly enjoys bringing all her life experiences into her classroom and is second careering as a classroom teacher.  She studied both at Columbia University and the London School of Economics to earn her BA.  In addition, she has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and has worked both domestically and internationally in both for-profits and not-for-profits. This business background gives her a unique insight into many issues.  When discussing goals, objectives, classroom strategies, and more, her background helps to guide concepts to become “doable” and not remain “theoretical”.