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Busting the Learning Boundary Between School and World

Friday, October 13, 2017

Nazareth Prep was highlighted in the article, "Busting the Learning Boundary Between School and World" published on the Education Week Learning Deeply Blog. 

Lisa Palmieri, a leader in Remake Learning, is now the head of Nazareth Prep, a small inner-city Catholic high school with a largely non-white, low income student body.  The students at NCCP spend one day a week for all four years embedded with a local business.  She told me that at the outset of her program, people doubted that these inner-city kids could work effectively "on the 60th floor of a downtown office building." Two years later, she shares the story of one junior who designed a new strategy to save his company over $100,000 a year by writing some new code, another student who is now training other employees at her company, and the evening when a group of her students stood up in front of their employers to boldly tell them that "you are not taking us seriously or challenging us enough".

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