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Connect and Support

Nazareth College and Career Prep’s goal is to educate and graduate students of all faiths, regardless of their economic need, especially those from low-achieving school districts. Because we accept students who are academically prepared, whether or not they are able to pay tuition, we rely on financial support from many sources, including individuals, foundations, and corporations, to underwrite the cost of attending Nazareth College and Career Prep.

The financial cornerstone of Nazareth College and Career Prep is the Corporate Internship Program, which is an integral part of the student experience, and the most prominent difference between Nazareth College and Career Prep and other regional private high schools. Nazareth College and Career Prep partners with local businesses to host our students one day each week in a business environment. Our business partners make a contribution in exchange for the work done by the students, and the contributions range from education tax credits, private contributions, United Way donor choice gifts and operating expenses. Learn more here. 

To make sure that Nazareth College and Career Prep continues to provide an exceptional educational experience into the future, we need your help. There are many ways you can support Nazareth College and Career Prep -- through the gift of your time, money, and/or providing an internship opportunity. Please review the options for support and contact us if you have questions or are willing to join us!

To view our 2016 Annual Report, CLICK HERE.