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Joe Oliphant's picture

Joe Oliphant

Latonya Salley-Sharif's picture

Latonya Salley-Sharif

Chief Academic Officer & Director of Athletics
Kristen Goodell's picture

Kristen Goodell

Director of Internship Program
Jo Ann Kohan's picture

Jo Ann Kohan

Manager of Administration
Emily Mahoy's picture

Emily Mahoy

Director of Admissions
Jennifer McGrail's picture

Jennifer McGrail

Manager of Educational Technology


Nick Bridge's picture

Nick Bridge

Math Faculty & Baseball Coach
Aaron Chapman's picture

Aaron Chapman

Coordinator of College and Career Counseling
Jessica Cannon's picture

Jessica Cannon

Transportation Coordinator
Linda Codori's picture

Linda Codori

Leslie Davis's picture

Leslie Davis

Arts Faculty - Choir
David DiMichele's picture

David DiMichele

Director of Spirituality & Theology Teacher
Amy DiMichele's picture

Amy DiMichele

Visual Art Teacher
Marlee Flaherty's picture

Marlee Flaherty

Cultural Literacy Teacher & Student Council Advisor
McCall Goughneour's picture

McCall Goughneour

Cultural Literacy Teacher
Eric Gibson's picture

Eric Gibson

Career Coach
Shannon Lafferty's picture

Shannon Lafferty

Science Teacher
Manar Marini's picture

Manar Marini

Internship Administrator & Pre-Apprentice Coordinator
J.D. Morgan's picture

J.D. Morgan

Cultural Literacy Teacher
Michael Roberts's picture

Michael Roberts

Science & Engineering Faculty
Julie Sanders's picture

Julie Sanders

Math Teacher
Dr. Stacy Tweedy, JD, PhD's picture

Dr. Stacy Tweedy, JD, PhD

Cultural Literacy Teacher
Emily Yowonske's picture

Emily Yowonske

Cultural Literacy Faculty