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Head of School Named a Deeper Learning Equity Fellow

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dr. Lisa Abel-Palmieri, Head of School and Chief Learning Officer, has been named to the second cohort of Deeper Learning Equity Fellows. Big Picture Learning and Internationals Network for Public Schools announced the second cohort of Deeper Learning Equity Fellows last month. The Deeper Learning Equity Fellows is a cohort-based leadership program that aims to develop, strengthen, and sustain a group of diverse and exceptional leaders who will influence the policies and practices that expand access to Deeper Learning in education across the country. This cohort joins an initial group of 10 Equity Fellows (bringing the total cohort to 30 members) already steeped in this important work.

“We knew going into this work that all students could benefit from deeper learning practices and instruction--in which learners are constantly motivated and challenged and are able to apply their learning to real life and real experiences,” states Carlos Moreno, Co-Director of the Fellowship and Co-Executive Director of Big Picture Learning. “However, we also know that equitable access to such opportunities is not always available to traditionally underserved populations, such as youth in poverty and English Language learners.” “I'm thrilled that our second cohort is even bigger than our first. Our collective commitment to equity unites us in a very timely struggle,” adds Claire Sylvan, Co-Director of the Fellowship and Founding Executive Director of Internationals Network for Public Schools. “The Equity Fellows will play a pivotal role as America grapples with the deep legacy of slavery, racism, bigotry and anti-immigrant actions and struggles to address long-standing issues of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and poverty.”

Dr. Palmieri will be one of two fellows representing the Pittsburgh region. "I am honored to be selected for the second cohort of the Deeper Learning Equity Fellows and proud to represent the Pittsburgh region along with Dr. Temple Lovelace from Duquesne University. I am excited and eager to meet the other equity fellows and learn strategies, develop solutions and build new programming to expand deeper learning opportunities for all students. Our school is designed to assure a quality Deeper Learning opportunity is available to all students in Pittsburgh regardless of socio-economic status, faith or race." 

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WHAT IS DEEPER LEARNING? In classrooms where deeper learning is the focus, you find students who are motivated and challenged—who look forward to their next assignment. They apply what they have learned in one subject area to newly encountered situations in another. They can see how their classwork relates to real life. They are gaining an indispensable set of knowledge, skills, and beliefs, including: mastery of core content academic content, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, eective communication, self-directed learning, and an academic mindset. When students are developing knowledge, skills, and academic mindsets simultaneously, they learn more eciently. They acquire and retain more academic knowledge when they are engaged, believe their studies are important, and are able to apply what they are learning in complex and meaningful ways.