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Intern partnerships help students and employers for a more vibrant economy

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Check out the opinion letter written by Dr. Lisa Abel-Palmieri that was published in today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

The problems besetting Pittsburgh’s educational system are not particular to the region, but one important solution might be: Pittsburgh’s history of unusually robust partnership across public and private sectors. This asset equips Pittsburgh to take advantage of a partnership model that has been implemented fruitfully in hundreds of U.S. high schools: a program in which students spend one day a week interning at a company or nonprofit, learning real-world workplace skills and cultivating relationships with community decision-makers.

In the Pittsburgh region, this model can be seen in action at private high school Nazareth College and Career Prep, where internship partners also contribute to financial aid for students from low-income families.

Read the entire letter HERE.