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Internship Program

Empowering Youth. Building Talent. Strengthening our Region.

The future of learning is here. Personalized, hands-on, and technology rich, Nazareth Prep is reinventing education critical to building and maintaining a diverse, competitive Pittsburgh workforce. Through the combination of a rigorous curriculum and a real-world Internship Program, students at Nazareth Prep develop into future employees who are work-ready, flexible, and used to problem solving. 

Nazareth Prep, which opened in 2014, is an affordable and innovative Catholic high school focused on college and career readiness. The school is founded on the belief that every student — regardless of race, religion, or economic status — should have access to a quality education. After passing an academic entrance exam, students are exposed to an industry-leading STEM-focused curriculum supported by art, religion, and design classes. Classrooms are equipped with modern technology, each student is given a laptop, and course materials are almost entirely digital or online. Additional weekly courses at academic partners like Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, Energy Innovation Center, and Carnegie Science Center help students gain a well-rounded, academic balance, where learning takes place everywhere, not just within classroom walls. Simply put, Nazareth Prep is an environment in which students engage, collaborate, solve problems, and make, in a way that aligns with the skills of the future workforce.

Nazareth Prep is committed to partnering with local companies to help close the employment to education gap, and develop career pathways though its signature Corporate Internship Program. The program pairs students with Pittsburgh employers to work on-site one day each week for the entire school year. This work experience reinforces the future-ready skills introduced in the classroom, including communication, complex thinking, and decision making. Sponsoring companies, in turn, are developing Pittsburgh’s skilled workforce, while creating a diverse pool of future applicants for themselves.

For more information about becoming a Corporate Internship Partner and other ways to support Nazareth Prep through tax credits and other programs,  Kristen Goodell, Director of the Internship Program or Michael Sexauer, Executive Director of Holy Family Foundation.