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Career Exploration

All students at Nazareth Prep select and pursue multiple personalized learning pathways. With the support of our Director of College and Career Counseling, as well as Learning and Career Coaches, students identify and explore pathways throughout their four years with us.The college and career counseling process begins to formalize at the end of tenth grade where students and families select from a four-year college pathway, some other post-secondary pathway, or a direct career pathway.
Learn more about the college planning process.

Another aspect of career exploration at Nazareth Prep centers around career clusters. Students take “deep dives” into career pathways that most interest them and build knowledge, skills, and e-portfolio artifacts in those areas. As a student progresses through their chosen pathways they earn Digital Badges that represent the skills and achievements they have acquired. These badges bolster resumes and post-secondary education applications, giving a more well-rounded picture of a student’s knowledge and competencies.
Learn more about earning digital badges at Nazareth Prep here.