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Nazareth Prep App-a-Thon

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

As part of Computer Science Education Week or CSEdWeek, which is an annual worldwide program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science, Nazareth Prep launched a school-wide application development for their students.

Nazareth Prep is  proud to announce that we are one of few schools that have been recognized by the White House for taking the initiative to inspire our students to take an interest in computer science to help them with their future careers and endeavors. We have been listed with the CSForAll National Movement on the White House Fact Sheet.

Nazareth Prep took place in The Hour of Code, on Monday, December 5th, in which students took part in an hour long session where they began the creation of their own apps, by learning the basics and thinking about what kind of app they were going to create. By the end of last week, December 11th,  the students created an app that they were able to share with their friends and families.

Not only is this a step in their education in their math and computer science classes, they will also be developing an app in their Cultural Literacy classes starting in 2017! Nazareth Prep 9th grade students will produce multi-page apps that explore social justice issues. The 10th grade students will create an app that will highlight lyrics from the Broadway musical Hamilton, and provide a ‘pop up’ with brief details of historical, political, literary, or musical elements. The 11th grade students will create apps to facilitate primary-source analysis of photographs and prints. They will do this with the help of Dr. Roberta Brandao, their Cultural Literacy teachers, and our EDGE (Explore, Design, Grow, and Empower) students. Our EDGE students will then review all App-A-Thon apps that have been submitted by their peers and the top three apps per grade will be reviewed by a computer scientist who is in charge of HP’s DreamWorks Animation account. This is the same studio that Trolls and Shrek came to life! They will all have the chance to win amazing prizes, and the top apps with be selected and showcased on our website and also our newsletter.


Stay tuned next semester to see where our app creating takes us!