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Nazareth Prep Students Excel At MARC USA

Monday, December 18, 2017

Nazareth Prep students Henry and Lamont knew they were getting an exciting opportunity when they were hired to work at MARC USA, one of Pittsburgh’s largest advertising firms.

“Working for MARC USA makes me feel excited because I am working for a big company and learning skills that I can use in the future, like multimedia and music development. I’m not just doing busy work” Lamont said.

Henry, a senior at NCCP agrees “I’m working on spreadsheets and using technology to help advance the goals of my department. Not many kids my age can say that.”

MARC USA internship supervisor Rob Throckmorton is very pleased with his NCCP interns. “Just like all of us here, the NCCP students will do filing, shredding and such.  The difference though is that we’re able to give them critical assignments and projects that have a real impact on our business.  The contributions from the students over the past years has been outstanding!”

The Nazareth Prep Internship program partners with over 100 local businesses and non-profits to offer our students the chance to utilize and develop their skills and interests in a workplace environment. Our corporate partners work with NCCP students to enhance their talents while providing assistance to offset the cost of tuition. To find out more about being an internship sponsor contact our internship team. (