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NCCP Exhibition Day Round Up

Thursday, February 22, 2018

February 22, 2018 was a busy day at Nazareth Prep.

Classes were suspended for the day to allow NCCP students to present their trimester two exhibition projects. NCCP faculty, staff, students and the surrounding community participated in the event.

The early morning session saw the underclassmen demonstrating their knowledge of the Shakespeare classic Macbeth. Students developed multimedia projects as well as traditional visual and oral presentations to show what they had learned while studying the ageless tale of love, lust, murder and betrayal. 

Later in the morning, the upperclassmen met the community in the NCCP recreational hall to present their projects on the inequities of the criminal justice system. The students goal wasn't merely fact finding, though. They were tasked with identifying a problem and presenting a solution.

In order to combat racially biased judicial outcomes, one group developed a virtual reality device that negates race, color and gender in the classroom so that the defendant is guaranteed a fair trial. Another group of students developed a program that would give pets to prison inmates. According to their research, people with pets develop a greater sense of love, trust and empathy than people without pets. The projected outcome would be that prisoners would develop these traits as they rehabilitate in prison. 

Nazareth Prep is grateful for the hard work of their forward thinking students and to the community members who participated in the events on campus.