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NCCP Students Playtest Game for West Liberty University

Friday, February 9, 2018

Mockups is fast-paced, design thinking card game created to help build rapid prototypes and solve even the most difficult challenge. Ms. Jennifer Lanas and her students are playtesting the card game for the College of Education at West Liberty University, a college in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia.

Earlier this year, Lanas facilitated a series of maker-ed workshops for pre-service teachers in the University’s Center for Arts Education. Her work at West Liberty focuses on utilizing design thinking to get the most out of instructional technology and building relationships while making space for courageous conversations in rural and urban-ed contexts. This partnership is a continuation of Ms. Lanas’ ongoing research as an educational consultant working with Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab as a member of The Fluency Project.

"Ultimately, the rapid-prototyping will lead students to be less inhibited when creatively solving problems, develop entrepreneurial mindsets by taking initiative, and build learning resilience as they think, work, and grow under time constraints" said Lanas.