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NCCP visits Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall with Thanks to Target

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

          Nazareth Prep is pleased to accept a grant from

Target Field Trips, sponsored by the Target Corporation. With this

grant, the students were able to go on an education field trip of 

their choice.    

           On January 13th, students attended  a VIP Tour of the

Soldier and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum in Pittsburgh. Soldiers

 and Sailors is the the nation’s only military memorial dedicated to

honoring all branches of service, from all generations and conflicts.

          During their VIP tour, each student was assigned a different role that

the men and women would have held during WW2. This included anything

from commanders to photographers to musicians. During this they worked as 

groups or "squadrons" in several different hands on activities and experiences 

while learning the importance of teamwork and cooperation in the military. 

 They also tried on WW2 artifacts and wrote a letter home as if they were a

WW2 military personnel. Students learned about the effects of iodine in

cleaning water, the history of why American entered WW1 and WW2 and

how technology influences war. Each student received a dog tag with their

name on it to remember this great field learning experience.

          The grant helped pay for field trip expenses including tickets, fees, 

transportation, supplies, food and resource materials.