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Posted on Saturday, July 25, 2015
Filing was a rote task that Khrysta Brown took for granted. Then, two high school freshmen showed her how to do it better. “There was this alphabetizing device in this office, and it was collecting dust, and I saw them using it one day,” said Brown, a human resources specialist at Peoples Natural Gas. Assigned to mentor students from Nazareth Prep as part of the Catholic school's job-training program, Brown said she, too, benefits from the partnership that aims to teach students skills... Read More
Posted on Saturday, July 25, 2015
New students at Nazareth Prep start the school year with nothing. Not even desks. Those, they have to build. “How many of you have worked with tools?” Rick Okraszewski, head of the Carpenters Training Center in Collier, asked a group of incoming freshmen seated in the center's conference room this month. The teenagers, who met for the first time a week ago, fidgeted in their seats. A few raised their hands. “You got to pay attention to that router that you're using, that sander that you're... Read More