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Poland Personally with Classrooms Without Borders

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This past summer cultural literacy teacher Marlee Flaherty took part in the "Poland Personally" educators’ experience.  This learning opportunity was sponsored by Classroom Without Borders. CWB envisions itself as the premier provider of experiential, extended term professional development for teachers in the metropolitan Pittsburgh region.  CWB is different from other providers of teacher training because it offers unique travel experiences enriched with rigorous content, scholarly readings and direct application to classroom instruction. CWB connects teachers and learners through customized professional growth programs that result in positive changes in the way teachers instruct students.  Meaningful Professional Development like "Poland Personally"includes more in-depth study and immersion in work-related learning opportunities for practicing teachers. Professional Development has dual connotations. It refers to: the actual learning opportunities in which teachers engage which includes the content and context, pedagogy and purpose of specific activities; and the learning that may occur when teachers participate in these activities which also includes the transformations in their knowledge, understandings, skills and commitments. 

Accompanied by a Holocaust survivor, Flaherty and fellow educators visited important historical sites to gain new understanding of World War II and Hilter's Holocaust. The experiences deepened Ms. Flaherty's commitment to teach for equality, social justice and diversity.

Below is a short video of her experience:

Poland Personally Trip