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Forms and Policies

Students are required to meet academic standards and complete an annual physical evaluation before participating in any athletic activity or sport.

Initial physical

  1. Download and print the CIPPE form.
  2. A Parent/Guardian completes Sections 1 & 2 of the CIPPE form and Sections 3-5 should be completed by the student with a parent/guardian. 
  3. Student receives a physical evaluation by an authorized medical examiner. The medical examiner completes Section 6 of the CIPPE form.
  4. Return completed form to Nazareth Prep.

The CIPPE may not be authorized earlier than June 1 and shall be effective, regardless of when performed during a school year, until the following May 31.


Students seeking to participate in subsequent sports in the same school year, must also complete Section 7 of the CIPPE form and return it to Nazareth Prep. The school will then determine whether Section 8 needs to be completed.

Transfer Waiver

Any student who transfers to Nazareth Prep beyond the first day of school is required to complete a transfer waiver request form and receive approval from the WPIAL before he/she is permitted to compete for the school.

Student Athlete and Parent Expectations

It is the goal of Nazareth Prep to provide all students with opportunities to engage in athletic activities that enrich their education and further develop the core values of respect, responsibility, fairness, trust, and good citizenship. Engaging in planned instruction teaches good sportsmanship and proper behavior. It is the responsibility of the administration, staff, coaches, parents, and the community at large to create a climate that fosters the development of these behaviors which are outlined in the documents below: