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Student Spotlight: Rachon E.

Friday, September 21, 2018

What did you do this summer?

This Summer I participated in a six week summer program called All Star Code.  The program teaches the basics of coding and web design.  My cohort, of about 15 students, met at the University of Pittsburgh.

How did you learn about All Star Code?

My teacher, Mrs. Lanas, encouraged me to apply to the program because she knew I am very interested in Computer Science.

What did you enjoy most about the experience?

I enjoyed meeting new friends and working in groups on various projects, especially Demo Day, where I worked in a two person team to design a website that was then exhibited to parents, staff and sponsors of the program.  I also enjoyed the site visits every Wednesday. My two favorite were the visit to Shell Games and AT&T Sports Network. At Shell Games the work environment was very friendly and promoted creativity. The AT&T Sports Network site visit introduced me to new technology.  Before the visit I was not aware that one person can control multiple cameras simply by using a remote control.

Did Nazareth Prep help prepare you for All Star Code?  

Yes! Attending Nazareth Prep helped prepare me for this program, especially participating in the Corporate Internship Program.  Interning at K&L Gates in the Accounting Department last year gave me a better understanding of the professional side of a business.  So when it came time to learn about interviewing and finances during the All Star Code program, I felt very prepared. I also already had a resume, which came in handy when we worked on a resume assignment during the program.  Thanks to the exhibitions we completed at the end of each trimester, I had a lot of experience with public speaking and designing and presenting slides. I was able to use all of these skills this summer during the All Star Code program.

So, what did you create?

My team created a website called Unisearch and it provides college search resources for students interested in majoring in Computer Science.  We coded the site using Javascript and CSS. Here is a link to the MVP we created. (MVP is a minimal viable product or is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development).

Would you Recommend All Star Code to other students?

Yes, I would recommend All Star Code to other students because even if you do not decide to go into a Computer Science field it is a good resume builder and a great way to meet cool people.